Church Council

2020 Church Council Representatives and Committee Members:

President: Mark Erickson
Treasurer: Ross Hebrink
Secretary: Diane Johnson
Education: Marie Hoff, Kortney Peterson, Sheree Halvorson
Worship & Music: Carla Hamre, Gretchen Eliason, Laurie Thielen
Property/Management: Jerod Jakel, Randy Johnson, Jordan Hegna
Family Life/Human Relations: Marge Flaata, Dana Engstrom, Morgan Lecy
Mission/Stewardship: Peggy Schneider, Stephanie Hendrickson, Molly Elliot
At large: Dick Ashburn, Craig Hebrink

2020 Church Council Meetings Dates: Council Meeting Calendar 2020

Find Council Minutes Here:

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Our Savior Council Minutes – October 2019

Our Savior Council Minutes – November 2019

Our Savior Council Minutes – December 2019

Our Savior Council Minutes January – 2020


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  • Adult Bible Study 9:00 am
  • Worship Service  10:00 am


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